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The ultimate guide for finding creative gift ideas for everyone on your list.  All of our designs are available on t-shirts, hoodies, baby one pieces, wall art, totes, pillows, and mugs.  


Celtic Dog

For the Celtic art lover, the dog symbolizes loyalty and the strong bond of companionship felt between human and animal. Considered to be good luck, the symbol of the dog was commonly found in Celtic art and decor.  



For that special mad Irish person in your life, what better way to say I love you than to give them a printed canvas or poster of Freud's statement on the Irish. Freud claimed that the Irish, when in psychic trouble go to poetry, go to storytelling, or to escapism.  He is also said to have stated that the Irish are a mass of contradictions and impervious to the rational thought processes that might resolve them.   sets

Our matching sets for men, women, and kids are perfect for families who love to have fun.  We have taken all the familiar phrases you would hear in Ireland that will bring back great memories.

Baby One-Piece

Let the baby in the family wear their heritage with this wonderful infant one piece showcasing their home county.  We have this available in all our products for all counties.

Easter Rising

For the history buffs in the family we have a large collection featuring  the 100 year anniversary of the 1916 Rising.  

James Joyce

Writing in English is the most ingenious torture ever devised for sins committed in previous lives. The English reading public explains the reason why - James Joyce View our Irish Authors & Quotes Collection


The GAA has given the world Gaelic football and hurling which are are considered some of the fastest games in the world. View our large selection of designs featuring the GAA and all Irish sports.   totes

Make gift giving fun by using our classic, all-purpose natural cotton tote instead of a gift bag.  Choose their favorite Irish design.


Warm up this holiday season with our most popular product, the super comfy hoodie.  Shop our great range of designs for everyone in the family, you can't go wrong with our "Made in Ireland" one.  Wrap that up and put it in our "I Love you more than Tayto" tote and you are good to go!


We have a great selection of Origin designs that showcase each county with the origin word in various parts of the county name.  In Cork it's in the middle of the O and in Cavan it's in the middle of the C.  These designs are a very modern and minimalist.

Myths & Legends

In our myths & legends we feature two Irish vampires, one male and one female.  The Sluagh who were the dead Irish Sinners.  Bram Stoker's Dracula in honor of the fact he was born in Dublin.  The Púca who were shapeshifters and of course the Banshee.  Great gifts for the goth lover in the family.

Oscar Wilde

For all the book and quote lovers we have a great selection of quotes from famous Irish authors, historical figures, and quotes about the Irish in general.  We have both motivational and de-motivational quotes to match whatever mood you may be in.  


The Irish word for freckles is Póigíní gréine and the translation would be little sun kisses.  This is one of our best sellers.  The MC1R gene has been identified by researchers as the gene responsible for red hair as well as the accompanying fair skin and tendency towards freckles.  It's just in our DNA.

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